a picture of tubs to help AAR;s customer to identify asbestos

How to Identify Asbestos Within Your Property

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, it is integral that you ensure that your property is clear of asbestos. AAR Environmental have listed three key aspects which one should consider when attempting to safely identify asbestos within your property.


Determine the age of the building
Due to its value within the building industry between the 1920’s and the late 1990’s, asbestos could have been used during the construction of your property. It is wholly important that you find out exactly when your property was assembled to determine whether asbestos-containing materials could inhabit your home.


Visual identification
One way to effectively identify asbestos within your property is to establish which items are likely to contain the fibre. In a previous blog post, AAR Environmental offered images of items which are most likely to contain asbestos to aid the investigation of your property. Household products which could contain asbestos include pipes, ceilings, textured paints, electrical wiring, and toilet cisterns. By visually identifying the older products within your property that are possibly composed of asbestos, you can keep an eye out for any warning signs of degradation.


Degrading of materials
Despite the general consensus, asbestos-containing material is not always threatening. If you have identified an asbestos-containing material within your property, and it appears to be in a good condition, it is best that it is left undisturbed and routinely checked for any degradation. An asbestos-containing material that is peeling or deteriorating is a big warning sign that the asbestos fibres are escaping into the air and releasing the toxicity.


It goes without saying that asbestos is an extremely dangerous material that should be avoided at all costs. Should you identify asbestos within your property, or would simply prefer to be cautious about the risks, seek immediate assistance from AAR Environmental. Our team are experts in the removal of the hazardous material, and we adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that the safety of those living or working within your property is not compromised by our services. Do not hesitate to call our team today at 01923 260043 to find out more.

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